What is Custom Enchants 3?

This plugin is basically an advanced version of the previous custom enchantments 1 and 2 developed by JayMar921. The plugin is so called an advanced plugin because it has a built in Skilling System, Player Classifications, CE Currencies/Quests and an RPG feels in the game. Custom Enchantments 3 is a Premium plugin, if you want to try this plugin for free, click this link Custom Enchantments 3 v1.0.0 Free.

Skill System

Skill System is new to Custom Enchants 3, it is used for players to upgrade their skills and focus on what attribute they want to focus. There are three (3) main attributes in the skill system which are STRENGTH, AGILITY, and INTELLIGENCE. The 3 main attributes also has three passive skills and players can only upgrade their passive skills depending on what classification they choose, each attributes can reach to a max level of 200, it cannot be changed.

Note that the player can only unlock the class when they reached level 10 and above


Custom Enchantments now adopt RPG feels in-game, it now has classification players for them to focus on specific skill and enchantments(active skill). There are three (3) classification as of now and these are WARRIOR, ARCHER, and WIZARD. For WARRIOR class players, they can only use sword enchantments. For ARCHER class players, they can only use BOW enchantments. For WIZARD class players, they can only use magic enchantments, all players can use fireball. ARMOR/SHIELD/TRIDENT/TOOL enchantments are global.


To bring more fun in the game, custom enchants 3 has it's custom currency and quests. Custom Currency (RACO) can be used to buy epic stuff and some enchantments. Quests gives player rewards which can be an Item or RACO currency.

Enchantments (Active Skills)

Enchantments and Active Skills can be called interchangeably in the plugin. There are some enchantments that needs a certain class to be used by the players such as the SWORD, BOW and MAGIC enchantments. The plugin default is that, player's can only have one active skill on each swords, bows/crossbows and magic wands which means that the players must decide on what specific enchants they will grind to level up their equipment's active skill. This setting can be turned off in config.yml (Premium)

Note that the Magic Damage is 3 times the physical damage (vanilla damage).

Reset Elixir

Consume to reset player's skill tree and removes player class. Player skill level will not be reset.

Magic Wand

magic wand recipe

For Wizards, they must have magic wands to use magic enchantments, it has already a Fireball enchantment for basic use.

Mana Potion

mana potion recipe

Mana potions are consumables for players to gain mana. It's best used for Wizard class players


Command Description OP
/ce skills Open Skill UI
/ce shop Shows the shop list and location
/ce shop add [type] [name] Add a shop YES
/ce shop remove [name] Remove a shop YES
/ce rank Shows the top 10 player rank
/ce allies Shows the player allies in a list
/ce allies add [name] Add a player to ally list
/ce allies remove [name] Remove a player from ally list
/ce info Shows the plugin information
/ce setting (v1.0.4) Modify plugin settings

Enchantments List

Enchantments Description Applies to
Life Steal Heal (5% of damage) while attacking Swords
Bleed Get (10% x level) chance for enemy to bleed Swords
Critical Deal (30%) more damage to enemy with (5% x level) chance Swords
Poison Poison your enemy Swords
Mana Steal Steal (⚡2 x level) mana from enemy players, temporarily slow their mana regen by 2s Swords
Execute Deal huge damage to enemy with low health. (damage + 50% x level) Swords
Light Spirit Deals (damage + (5 x level)) magic damage to the enemy by (10% x level) chance. Cost ⚡10 mana (default). Swords
Soul Eater Killing mobs give 1 soul while 2 souls for player kills. Each souls deals (0.0049) damage and that will be 250 damage on Max soul achieved which is 50,000. When a player dies with the soul eater on its sword in its inventory, it loses 250 souls upon death. Swords
Wind Strike Dashes on enemy and deal small magic damage. Cost ⚡4.5 mana (default). Swords
Wind Slasher Increase player attack-speed. If player acquired level 40 on AGILITY, it get 10% chance to summon a tornado on the target. Swords
Juggernaut Deal 5%-40% armor penetration Swords
Sudden Blow Has (10% x level) chance to stun and blind the enemy for 1s Trident
Hail Storm Cast a hail storm in the area. Each Hail Ice deals (5 x level) magic damage. Cost ⚡20 mana (default). Trident
Magic Resist Gain Magic Resistance. (3.125% x level) Armor
Tank Gain Physical Resistance. (3.125% x level) Armor
Regain Basically it's like a totem of undying but with 200s cooldown (default). Chestplate
Poisonous Thorns Get (5% x level) chance to poison the attacker. Chestplate
Freeze Get (10% x level) chance to freeze the attacker. Leggings
Omni Vamp Get (5% x level) chance to heal (20% of damage) when attacked. Chestplate
Blindness Get (10%) chance toblind the enemy by 1.5s. Helmet
Double Jump Jump Twice when sneaking while on air. Cost ⚡3 mana (default). Boots
Blink Sneak + right click to blink on reachable target location. Boots
Auto Farm Get (8% x level) chance to plant crops automatically. Hoe
Vein Miner Mine a chunk of ores. Pickaxe
Deforestation Cut the whole vertical trunk part of a tree. Axe
Mana Shield Absorb 10% of damage and consume it as mana when equipped off-hand. Shield
Sturdy Gain (10% x level) physical damage resistance when equipped off-hand. Shield
Sharp Arrow Deal (10% x level) more ranged damage. Bow/Crossbow
Stun Get (10% x level) chance to stun the enemy by 1s. Bow/Crossbow
Frost Arrow Get (10% x level) chance to slow the enemy by 0.5s + level. Bow/Crossbow
Focus Fire Gain +2.5% MS and Invisibility for 1s upon a success hit. Bow/Crossbow
Death Angel Fall a meteorite on land dealing (3 x level) magic damage. Cost ⚡8 mana (default) Bow/Crossbow
Implant Curses the enemy by chance. Each curse deals (4.5) magic damage Bow/Crossbow
Death Ray Shoot a laser on target. Multishot will not be effective. Bow/Crossbow
Auto Repair Slowly repair your equipment Weapons/Armors/Tools
Super Nova Deal (2.5 x level) magic damage to enemies in surrounding area Magic Wand
Lightning Deal (1.5 x level) magic damage to enemies in surrounding area Magic Wand
Healing Heals the allies in the surrounding area (Regeneration II effect) Magic Wand
Levitate Levitate and Deal (2.0 x level) magic damage to enemies in surrounding area Magic Wand
Nebula Deal (3.5 x level) magic damage to enemies in surrounding area Magic Wand
Storm Deal (3.5 x level) magic damage to enemies in surrounding area Magic Wand
Mana Burn Drain (⚡10 x level) mana to enemies in surrounding area Magic Wand
Fireball Shoot Fireball on target Magic Wand
Stella (1.0.3) Deals (⚡4.5 x level) magic damage + power 10 explosion on a radius Ultimate bow enchantment
Farmland (1.0.4) Create a small chunk of farmland Hoe
Black Hole (1.0.4) Teleports entities to the center, dealing (⚡1.2 x level) magic damage plus 1s slow Magic Wand
Falling Star (1.0.4) Falls a meteor in a surrounding area, dealing (⚡2.5 x level) magic damage to entities Magic Wand
Telepathy (1.0.4) Collect dropped item instantly from being mined, (Incompatible with fortune enchant) Tools
Confusion (1.0.7) Get a (10% x level) chance of confusing the enemy Sword
Dragon Breath (1.0.7) Deals (2 x level) damage to enemy, inflicting flame on nearby entity (4 blocks) Sword
Heist (1.0.7) Get (5% x level) chance of stealing (2 x level) RACO coin from enemy Sword
Anti Heist (1.0.7) Get (15% x level) chance of blocking heist enchantment Chestplate

Treasure Items

Treasure Items are special items with passive abilities that is activated when in player's inventory. It can be found in custom loot plots, it's rarity varies on how the TreasureItemChance value was set in the config.yml. The more Treasure Items inside the player's inventory, the more value of ability will be added up. (Physical Def, Magical Def, and Exp Mul will be averaged not summed)

Treasure Items (1.0.9+)

Name Type Abilities
Lucky Coin Gold Nugget Exp Multiplier: 1.5x
Raco Reward: 1
Villager Coin Emerald Exp Multiplier: 1.9x
Raco Reward: 2
Pirate Coin Gold Nugget Exp Multiplier: 1.8x
Raco Reward: 3
Rotten Corpse Rotten Flesh Health Regen: 0.25 hp/s
Physical Defense: 0.1x
Zakraf Shield Shield Magic Defense: 0.3x
Physical Defense: 0.3x
Shell of the Sea Nautilus Shell Mana Regen: 2 mana/s
Cooldown Reduction: 5s
Shell of the Dark Sea Nautilus Shell Mana Regen: 4 mana/s
Cooldown Reduction: 10
Magical Damage: 2⚡
Sharpened Shears Shears Physical Damage: 1 hp
Goblin Sword Wooden Sword Physical Damage: 3 hp
Exp Multiplier: 1.2x
Berries of Life Sweet Berries Health Regen: 0.5 hp/s
Exp Multiplier: 1.2x
Fruit of Wisdom Glow Berries Health Regen: 1 hp/s
Mana Regen: 0.5 mana/s
Exp Multiplier: 1.2x
Lost Crown Golden Helmet Physical Defense: 0.3x
Magical Defense: 0.3x
Cooldown Reduction: 2
Rainbow Lotus (1.18+) Spore Blossom Magical Damage: 2⚡
Mana Regen: 2 mana/s
Cooldown Reduction: 8s
Yggdrasil's Divine Fruit Enchanted Golden Apple Health Regen: 2 hp/s
Mana Regen: 2 mana/s
Physical Defense: 0.7x
Magical Defense: 0.7x
Lost Clock Clock Cooldown Reduction: 20s
Ancient Demon Skull Wither Skeleton Skull Physical Defense: 0.4x
Exp Multiplier: 0.5x
Dried Fish Cod Health Regen: 0.1 hp/s
Wildflower Honey Honey Bottle Health Regen: 1.2 hp/s
Mana Regen: 1 mana/s
Death Rose Wither Rose Health Regen: 1.5 hp/s
Magical Defense: 0.3x
Glowing Gemstone Glowstone Dust Mana Regen: 3 mana/s
Magical Defense: 0.2x
Fiberglass Arrow Arrow Exp Multiplier: 1.8x
Physical Damage: 3 hp
Slippers Leather Boots Physical Defense: 0.1x
Magical Defense: 0.2x
Eye of Creeper Ender Eye Physical Defense: 0.3x
Magical Defense: 0.5x
Magical Damage: 3⚡
Earth's Essence Grass Block Physical Defense: 0.5x
Magical Defense: 0.3x
Health Regen: 1.5 hp/s
Soul Catcher Soul Lantern Mana Regen: 0.8 mana/s
Magical Defense: 0.7x
Cooldown Reduction: 2s
Lost Angel Wing Elytra Health Regen: 0.4 hp/s
Magical Defense: 0.3x
Exp Multiplier: 0.2x
Soul Absorber Chorus Flower Magical Defense: 0.5x
Physical Defense: 0.5x
Health Regen: 0.2 hp/s
Ancient Pickaxe Stone Pickaxe Exp Multiplier: 0.3x
Ancient Blood Redstone Health Regen: 0.2 hp/s
Blue Gem Lapis Lazuli Magical Defense: 0.2x
Mana Regen: 0.1 mana/s